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The Bellamy Brothers

De broers David Milton Bellamy (16 september 1950) en Homer Howard Bellamy (2 februari 1946), uit Florida, Amerika; vormen een muzikaal duo dat populaire country muziek maakt. In de Be-Ne-Lux landen bleef hun succes beperkt tot 2 hits, namelijk: "Let your love flow" en "If I said you had a beautiful body (would you hold it against me)"

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Let your Love flowLyrics – 1976 


There's a reason for the sunshine sky's

There's a reason why I'm feeling so high

Must be the season, When that love lights shine all around us

So let that feeling grab you deep inside

And send you reeling

Where your love can't hide, And then go stealing through the moonlit nights with your lover


Just let your love flow - Like a mountain stream

And let your love grow - With the smallest of dreams

And let your love show

And you know what I mean, It's the season

Let your love fly - Like a bird on a wing

And let your love bind, You to all living things and

Let your love shine

And you'll know what I mean, That's the reason



There's a reason for the warm sweet nights

And there's a reason for the candle lights

Must be the season, When those love lights shine all around us

So let that wonder take you into space

And lay you under it's loving embrace

Just feel the thunder as it warms your face, You can't hold back

Repeat Chorus x 3 

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 In de U.S.A is het duo tot op heden nog steeds muzikaal actief, maar dan meer 'kleinschalig'.

Zo nu en dan hebben zo ook geslaagde 'allianties'. De volgende song, "Guilty of the crime", is een samenwerking met "the Bacon Brothers".

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Links "The Bellamy Brothers" en Rechts "The Bacon Brothers".

Je herkent allicht de acteur Kevin Bacon; 2e van rechts op de foto.

(foto = Link allmusic site, The Bacon Brothers)




Guilty of the Crime


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